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Abhishek Pradhan

Vice President/Head, Cloud Technology, ST Engineering

Sameer Karmarkar

CoFounder and CTO CloudHedge Technologies

In the race to the Cloud, the wish lists of many enterprises/organisations are clear – to have applications modernised and workloads containerised, paving the way to an effective and efficient cloud move.

As much as any organisation would like to execute seamless cloud migration strategies, attaining a swift and precise entry to various cloud environment entails many processes and challenges, which should not deter any organisation to move to the Cloud.

With 70% working towards developing cloud-based platforms for data storage, management and analysis within the next 6 months, as shown in our study on the Sensemaking Maturity Index 2020 with Forrester Consulting, it signals that amidst potential hiccups enterprises/organisations are still enroute to the Cloud.

The question comes then:

How should organisations avoid unnecessary side roads and take the highway straight to Cloud?

This can be addressed with a comprehensive application modernisation framework. Adopting the mindset to simplify migration, we partner with CloudHedge who provide technologies to tackle legacy monolithic systems with automated application modernisation and refactoring.

This means that no matter how challenging the migration of systems and applications may seem at the outset, we will enable rapid application modernisation for our customers with intelligent workload based application modernisation, cloud enablement and placement and initialising more than just lift and shift.

With our solutions, organisations will be able to achieve hassle-free cloud migration from months to just weeks and, in some cases, even days.

By keeping the outcome in mind, it is advisable to have applications modernised and workloads containerised for ease of management and resources optimisation, thereby gaining market agility and resiliency in time to come.

Hence, it is not just lifting and shifting workloads to the Cloud, this has to be done in an intelligent and dynamic way to prevent potential issues in the future.

It is critical to have legacy applications modernised so that they are optimised to run on various cloud environments and are future ready.

A word of advice:

Shift to the cloud by adopting the smart choice – modernising applications to not only embrace digitalisation, but also to scale the organisation’s growth to new heights.

Download the white paper “Accelerating Speed to Market: Strategising and Predicting Application Modernisation from On-Premise to Cloud”.

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