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Cyber Forensics in the Face of Deception

Vrizlynn Thing

SVP/Head, Cybersecurity Strategic Technology Centre; Head of Cybersecurity Services Business, Info-Security, ST Engineering

In the defined field of Cyber Forensics, we emphasize having a well-established forensically sound methodology to acquire, analyse, document, and present evidence for the case on hand. However, cyber adversaries are merciless and do not follow any rules when they carry out cyber-attacks and commit cybercrimes, threatening the robustness of the public security infrastructures.

With the rapid advancement of cybersecurity technologies, cyber adversaries often have to think out-of-the-box to bypass such protection and detection to achieve their goals. Deception tactics, and sometimes even very simple ones, are also being used increasingly, where misleading evidence may be intentionally planted to confuse investigators or lead them in the wrong direction during investigations. Cyber adversaries also have other tactics up their sleeves in attempts to hide traces of their misdeeds.

Thus, when facing such cyber adversaries, cyber investigators need to incorporate other important considerations while relying on the key aspects in the standard methodology to ensure the forensic soundness of the investigation.

It is important not to be blinded by deception and obfuscation tactics deployed by cyber adversaries. Being observant and paying attention to the minute details is crucial to the discovery process during investigations. An immediate imperative is to constantly strengthen skills and knowledge on new cybersecurity and attack strategies and techniques. Combining findings with strong reasoning to focus on feasibility, probability, and correlation analysis is necessary to uncover the entire truth. To identify and decipher the crucial subtle evidence, it is pivotal to be meticulous in the handling of the evidence and analysis; the relied approach to handle future sophisticated cyber-crimes or incidents which have strong financial backing in a forensically sound manner.

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