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Mobile Command Post: Designed For Fast and Decisive Operations

Phua Kian Aun

Vice President/Head of Digital Infrastructure Business, Digital Systems, ST Engineering

When emergencies and incidents arise, operations would need to be mobilised quickly and rapidly to activate the necessary resources to provide assistance and relief.

The Mobile Command Post (MCP) empowers public security agencies to respond swiftly during critical operations with agile and actionable insights, enabling faster and sharper decisions. The MCP is designed as a physical space for mission command, operations control and process workflow interaction with the information transmitted seamlessly to the main headquarters through a suite of comprehensive C4 systems. 

In the pursuit of enhancing mobile critical operations, we envisage future MCPs to harness 5G, edge processors and artificial intelligence technologies to provide fast and agile command operations.

Watch the video below as we bring you inside the MCP to uncover the highlights of the vehicle and how it facilitates fast and decisive operations.

Find out more about the features of MCP here or email us at for further enquiries.

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