Augment your Airside Driving and Air Traffic Tower Controller Training Experience

About The Webinar

Join our webinar on aviation simulation to uncover how to digitalise training, harness immersive simulation technologies and training analytics, and deliver the best training experience for the next generation of talents. Today, the need for digitalisation and innovation to transform the way we conduct training for Air Tower Controllers and Airside Driving is crucial. Uncover how we can help you digitalise your training capabilities during this time of uncertainty and complexity so that you can deliver the best training experience for the next generation. Why attend:

  • Discover why simulation is the best way to train controllers, and how it is essential to your training programme.
  • Harnessing the latest immersive technologies and training analytics
  • Uncover how our simulators offer an experiential yet data-backed approach to complement airside driver training and qualification.

1 hour


Vincent Lam

Assistant Vice President, International Business, Mission Software & Services, Digital Systems, ST Engineering

Lim Fung Huee

Division Manager, Public Safety and Security Division, Training & Simulation, Digital Systems, ST Engineering

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