Transforming Healthcare with AI, Cloud and Data Security

The rapid onboarding of healthcare digital services in the Covid era is a significant tech adoption story. Looking forward beyond pandemic, Singapore and other matured economies will continue to be confronted with challenges such as aging population, healthcare cost escalation, limited human resources, and complex social dynamics in managing chronic diseases. Hear from our speakers […]

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Beyond Cyber: Cybersecurity Challenges in a Cyber – Physical World

The acceleration of the digital economy and the convergence of OT and IT have resulted in a spike of high-profile OT supply chain cyber-attacks. In this cyber track, we invited renowned OT expertise and leaders to share a new perspective to combat cyber threats.

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Riding the Waves of Metaverse

In an increasingly networked and digitalised world, the metaverse provides limitless potential. Join us to learn more about Digital Twin applications and how organizations may build digital twins in the metaverse and use virtual worlds for testing and evaluation, experimenting and prototyping, and developing solutions for real world problems.

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At the Edge of new 5G Frontiers

5G represents huge opportunities for governments, industries and organizations involved in mission – critical activities by unlocking access faster, more stable access to massive connectivity and massive data sizes. Today, we explore the opportunities and challenges that 5G brings in unlocking the fuller potential of current and future technology

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Actionable Intelligence at Scale and Speed

The rise of digital economy contributed to the explosive growth of data in terms of both scale and speed. This presents opportunities for governments and public safety agencies to harness operational insights through data fusion, analytics and dissemination. Join our public safety experts to take cognizance on how decisive tools and processes can keep communities […]

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Bridging Tomorrow Businesses with Unmanned Autonomous Robotics

Autonomous technology has catalysed growth and transformation for both public and private stakeholders, particularly in today’s rapidly changing operational and business environment.   Hear from our expert panel how Unmanned Autonomous Robotics are poised to reinvent a more efficient and sustainable future.

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