How Actionable Intelligence is shaking up Maritime Security and Operational Effectiveness

About The Webinar

Data and information from sensors of communication, electronic surveillance and radar information on multiple platforms can be overwhelming for authorities to fully understand the maritime environment. In order to achieve the desired effect in combating multifaceted transnational crimes like trafficking, drug smuggling, illegal fishing and even terrorism, it is critical to decipher layers of information in real-time. Here, we share with you our approach, experiences and methods in providing full situational awareness in a single integrated picture, enabling comprehensive surveillance capabilities and actionable intelligence.  

Why Attend

  • Discover agile and efficient situational awareness solutions catered for maximum maritime security
  • Build the essential knowledge on how you can fully optimise existing resources and assets to the fullest

January 2021 | 35 mins


Jerome Chia

Product Director, Maritime Surveillance, ST Engineering

Hoe Wah Fong

Senior Manager, Maritime Surveillance, ST Engineering

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